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We the People National Competition

The "We the People" national competition took place at the end of April at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia.  Wauwatosa West and Wauwatosa East took home trophies from the competition.  

As mentioned on the home page, the Center for Civic Education using a grant from the Department of Education has created a website called Learn.civiced.org.  This platform offers a national teacher forum for instructors in civics and government. This site offers many instructional items and may be used by any educator.

We the People: The Citizen & Democracy is a new textbook for grades 3-5 that explains the fundamental principles and values of the American democratic republic contained in the Declaration of Independence and Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. It is copiously illustrated with cartoons that help explain the fundamental principles of representative democracy. Children are asked to look at the illustrations and answer questions about them based on the text. The student book and a teacher's guide will be available this August.


Marketing Page: http://civiced.org/about-we-the-people-the-citizen-and-democracy


Table of Contents: http://files.civiced.org/books/WethePeople_CitizenAndDemocracy_TableofContents_May2019.pdf


We the People: The Citizen & Democracy Pricing


Classroom set: $400.00 each


Student text: $16.00 each, 10 or more: $15.00 each


Teacher's guide: $21.00 each


We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution, Level 1, fourth edition, has been revised and contains new content and images. There are a number of updates that reflect updated information. When the text is released in August, a detailed list of updates will be provided to make it easier for teachers to integrate the new textbook.


Marketing Page: http://civiced.org/we-the-people-the-citizen-a-the-constitution-level-1-fourth-edition


Table of Contents: http://files.civiced.org/books/WethePeople_Level1_TableofContents_May2019.pdf


We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution Level 1 Pricing


Classroom set: $488.00 each


Student text: $19.00 each, 10 or more: $18.00 each


Teacher's guide: $25.00 each

The Center for Civic Education is delighted to announce the publication this summer of a new civics textbook for grades 3-5: We the People: The Citizen & Democracy. In eleven concise lessons, this lavishly illustrated text introduces students to the foundational ideas of American representative democracy. Here's a glimpse of the table of contents:

Lesson 1: What do you know about democracy?
Lesson 2: Why do we have rules and laws?
Lesson 3: What is a government?
Lesson 4: What different kinds of government are there?
Lesson 5: What is democracy?

Lesson 6: What were the British colonies? What government did they have?
Lesson 7: How did the United States become a democracy?
Lesson 8: What is our Constitution?
Lesson 9: What purposes of government are in the Declaration of Independence?
Lesson 10: What purposes of government are in the Preamble to the Constitution?
Lesson 11: What are our rights and responsibilities in our democracy?

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Charles N. Quigley
Executive Director
Center for Civic Education



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